Episode 187: RIP Above The Bayou

Episode 187: RIP Above The Bayou


A few years ago in the small town of Washington, DC, Maddy Wolpow-Gindi and Quinn Meyers (along with the steady hand of friend Jordan Grobe on sound) set out to host a few rock shows at their shared space above a Cajun restaurant known as The Bayou.

Over the course of two years that space which started out just hoping to turn out "a few rock shows" turned into one of the most vibrant and vital music venues the nation's capital has ever seen.

But all good (great) things come to an end, and so it was that the last bittersweet notes rang loud from Above the Bayou's withered bay windows out into the streets of DC in May of this year. 

Dead is dead, and the past is the past, but there are always stories to be received from those who were there.

This is theirs.