LIVE MUSIC: Wildlife @ The Red Palace - 1/19/12

There is so much that can go wrong when you insert any musical genre before the word “punk”. Pop-Punk? Art-Punk? Post-Proto-Pseudo-Punk? All serve to diminish the actual punk of the thing, but one supposes that they are necessary in a time when the lines between genres become more and more blurred. Even worse, most bands, once saddled with the burden of this blood red generalization to wear prominently on their sleeves, most bands give in to all of the tropes and traditions that they’re new made-just-for-them genre would suggest, and never manage to rise above the branding.

Luckily, Wildlife is not one of those bands.

Press Play: Wildlife - "Stand In The Water"

What It Sounds Like: The Arcade Fire on Sum 42...and Canadian Mist
Why You Should Care: They might just be on to something here.

I think it's safe to say at this point that there is something in the water in Canada. Oh sure, maybe its the health care for everyone thing, or maybe just a health diet of Labatt's and Molson, but musically speaking our enemy our friends to the North just seem to be able to go large in a way that's just a little, well, LARGER than their American counterparts, and the band Wildlife is no exception.