Wrecking Ball

ChunkyGlasses THE PODCAST: Episode 3 - Squirrel Cape

ChunkyGlasses THE PODCAST: Episode 3 - Squirrel Cape

In which a lady joins the crew, Andre dons a cape, and we talk about new releases from Andrew Bird, Yellow Ostrich, Whirr, Pond and THE BOSS. 

So grab a seat, grab a beer and strap in because honestly, what could be better than listening to a bunch of morons sit around and talk about music for an hour or so?

REVIEW: Wrecking Ball - Bruce Springsteen

"... Wrecking Ball is a musically-solid albeit lyrically/morally inconsistent album from the late-career Boss."

Before launching into this review of Bruce Springsteen’s new album, let me make this clear: I love the Boss. I’ve seen him in concert at least ten times, have pilgrimaged to Asbury Park and his childhood home, and know every word to every song he’s ever written. I cry when I watch Wings for Wheels, the documentary about the making of Born to Run, and, I believe in the promised land.

All that is to say that the hypocrisy of his latest album, Wrecking Ball, cuts deep.