You May Be Right

Daily Listen: Billy Joel - You May Be Right

Remember when Billy Joel was cool as f@#@? No? OK, so I me a little older, but COME ON!! Way back in 1980, Joel was a minor superstar but more importantly, he sorta rocked. I mean look at that album cover to the right. ROCK, RIGHT? I mean he is, in fact holding a rock but that's beside the point. That's a picture of a guy who might be cool as f@#@ about to something that is probably cool as f!@#. 

Sigh. OK. Nevermind. Just check out the opening track of Glass Houses already. Hell if you're like everyone else who is is jumping on Spotify (what? no Rdio love?) then check out the whole album. Fact remains, 31 years after this song first came out, it still sorta f@#@ing rocks, and that's good enough for me.

Billy Joel - You May Be Right

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