Episode 207: Nels Cline - Lovers

Episode 207: Nels Cline - Lovers

Rumor has it that despite the constant cries of “foul”, 98% of all videos (over ONE BILLION) on YouTube are 100% kosher from a licensing perspective. Say what?

Twenty-five years in the making, Nels Cline’s Lovers captures the passion and history of an artist who has spent a lifetime pursuing his musical truth. On his Blue Note debut, Cline mashes together original compositions with interpretations of the music that has informed his career to craft a delicate statement about relationships, the worth of self-indulgence and jazz’s place in the modern music space.

And speaking of modern jazz….

Guitarist Julian Lage - a frequent collaborator of Cline’s - put out a slightly phenomenal album in 2015. We’ve got a taste aof World’s Fair to jog your memory