"Myrna Lee" - Wilco

"Myrna Lee" - Wilco

Sounds Like:

Old(er) Wilco or Uncle Tupelo, a good, ol’ alt-country ballad.

Why You Should Care:

Wilco has had a long run, and the band now seems to be realizing its mortality with a glance down memory lane, announcing expanded reissues of their two earliest albums: AM (1995) and Being There (1996).

This twangy mountain song “Myrna Lee” is the first single they have chosen to unveil.  A previously unreleased track from AM, “Myrna Lee” has the feel of an Uncle Tupelo alt-country classic where the electric instruments take the background. With plaintive vocals, pedal steel, and buzzing fiddle, “Myrna Lee” was originally written by Wilco bassist John Stirratt for his twin sister Laurie, who released it through her band Blue Mountain’s 1997 album Homegrown.

Even as the band looks back to the early years, it’s hard to say if the end is in sight. For a band with such an extensive resume and side projects as Wilco, the question is always one of what we will hear next.

Both deluxe reissues of AM and Being There are set to appear on Rhino in December. Tracklists have already been released for both.

Episode 257: Prisoner - Ryan Adams

Episode 257: Prisoner - Ryan Adams

This year, the Grammy's made it clear that they may have some...issues to work through. Kevin and Marcus Dowling (Bandcamp/Pitchfork) try to clear the air on how the esteemed organization really functions, and what you, YES YOU, might be able to do to change that.

Ryan Adams is one of the most prolific, and most successful singer/songwriters of the past 20 years. On Prisoner, his 16th LP, he's mining the pain of his recent divorce and the glory of 80's rock n' roll in equal measure? Is it another hit for the man with all the feelz, or is Adams just treading water? Tune in and find out.

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