“The Chairman’s Intent” - Action Bronson

“The Chairman’s Intent” - Action Bronson

Sounds Like:

Ghostface Killah with a heavier dose of comedy and wild antics.

Why You Should Care:

Action Bronson, hailing from Queens, New York, is a chef turned rapper that since 2011 has emerged from underground as one of the most polished lyricists in rap. His bars are full of personality and wit that lead to a unique variety references to food, sports, music, or just how he sees himself as a modern-day superhero. 

Blue Chips 7000 is the third entry into Action Bronson Blue Chips series. The album released August 25, 2017, on Atlantic Records. His second to last tour stop for Blue Chips 7000 will at the Fillmore Silver Spring this Friday, December 22, 2017.  Tickets are still available HERE.