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"Doubt" — Joywave

"Doubt" — Joywave

Sounds Like:

The catchy melodies of BORNS and Coast Modern meets the bass lines of Tame Impala  

Why You Should Care:

Some musicians take their videos seriously, but none take as much pleasure in crafting stranger-than-fiction videos as Joywave does. Their debut album How Do You Feel Now? was heavy on the dark synths on songs like “Destruction” and “Somebody New,” but their videos show a complete other side of the band. The video for “Tongues” starred a colony of nudists being hunted down with a clothing gun. “It’s A Trip!” is a sun-soaked, jet-ski romp through the Bay of Miami with the band as they progressively age and shrivel away on the water. Content track “Doubt” is no different here - Director Olivier Gondry keeps the concept relatively simple, but strange. With just one spotlight and a pitch-black set, the band members’ faces are manipulated and melded into one another.

Joywave will be performing in DC this Friday, March 2, at U Street Music Hall.