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TRACKING: Efterklang - "Hollow Mountain"


Words by guest columnist Rahsan

SOUNDS LIKE: Sigur Ros, Mum, orchestral-pop
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: They have the potential to take you on an enigmatic journey into the land of the Arctic, woven with a wide sound palette held by a lonely heart.

The fourth album by the Danish trio Efterklang Piramida did not mark a great shift from their previous work, but managed to capture a more sophisticated ambience with dramatic strings, grievous brass, twinkling percussions and miscellaneous sounds. The trio decamped in the Russian-owned former mining town of Piramida, which was abandoned in 1998 and has since remained a ghost town since. Therefore the tone of the album is lonely and wild like its source of inspiration.

The opener of the album “Hollow Mountain” sets the tone with a chiming percussion motif created by striking a fuel tank. The journey into the dark starts with the heavenly choral voices that accompany the vocalist Clausen who is trying to deal with the drifting apart from his loved one. Lost and weary, he sings “I wonder, I wonder, I wonder / What I am…” under the sheer light of the moon. The breathy strings are the answer to the questions in his mind. He even cries for rescue, singing, “Help, I’m falling down”, only to hear the echoes of his loneliness. However, he is brave enough to keep on walking in this hollow world, saying “It’s destructible, but I know that someday, when I’m gone, I’m going” like a resigned hero who has a restless soul.

Now, it is your turn to get lost in the rainy windswept streets of this former mining town while discovering the nuanced beauty that could be found in every moment of the album, which may just leave you in a serene state of mind.

Check out the new video for "Hollow Mountain", which stars the lonely, cold, and abandoned town of Piramida.