Episode 441: Brad Mehldau's 'Finding Gabriel'

Episode 441: Brad Mehldau's 'Finding Gabriel'

Brad Mehldau, simply put, is one of the most respected living jazz players on the planet. He’s also one of the most prolific. Think Stephen King levels of prolific, but for music. Many of you may know him from his work covering some Radiohead tunes, but rest assured he is much MUCH more than that. In fact, on his new album Finding Gabriel, he is doing nothing less than searching for the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Suffice to say the album is HEAVY, but it’s also one of the most exhilarating listens of the year in any genre.

TONIGHT!!! Diana Krall @ Wolf Trap!!!

Crazy from the heat DC? Well never fear because tonight one of the coolest acts around is heading to your neck of the woods. Best selling jazz pianist/vocalist Diana Krall will hit the stage at Wolf Trap tonight as her "Summer Nights" tour continues its trek across the country.

A musician since the age of four (COOL!) Krall has had a stellar career in which she's sold over 15 million records world wide (COOL!), won three Grammys (COOL!), eight Juno Awards (COOL, EH!), and was even named the second best jazz artist of the past ten years (TOTALLY COOL!). And somewhere in all of that she found time to get married to Elvis Costello, which is...do we have to say it?

Whether you are a longtime fan, total newbie, or simply an enjoyer of all things cool, it's going to be a great night to kick back, sink your toes in the green grass and enjoy an evening out under the stars with some friends and the immeasurable talents of Diana Krall.

Tickets are still available online and at the gates. We'll see you on the lawn at 8!