Episode 152: Benji Hughes - Songs In The Key Of Animals

Episode 152: Benji Hughes - Songs In The Key Of Animals

The Eagles (and Glenn Frey) are dead. Long live the Eagles…unless you’re THAT a-hole.

Pop weirdo Benji Hughes follows up 2008’s A Love Extreme by packing more fun per square inch than should be legally allowed on his Merge debut, Songs In The Key Of Animals.

Hailing from Austin, TX, Casey Chandler aka Galapaghost is keeping it real, and real mellow on his latest album I Never Arrived and we’ve got a track for your a$$.

Get hype for our diss track response to the B.O.B./Tyson flat earth feud. It’s dropping the same day as Frank Ocean’s album.

REVIEW: Menomena- Moms

Menomena's music has always been a little weird. Heck, they even wrote a song called "Weird," which was…weird. Their first album,I Am The Fun Blame Monster (an anagram for "The First Menomena Album") was created by recording pieces of music into a software the band created, and looping it back, adding more parts as the song went on. It was lo-fi and messy, a trend that would continue on the upbeat but more complex follow-up, Friend And Foe. Often on that album, and even more so on the relatively clear and higher-fi third album, Mines, songs were built from a simple drumbeat with sparkling piano, walls of saxophone, distorted guitar, and then even more drums that rumbled and crashed and disappeared suddenly only to and reappear just as quickly.

After Mines though, songwriter and guitarist/pianist Brent Knopf left the band, taking most of the darker and gentler songs in the band's catalog with him. What is left is now on display on Moms, the bands fourth album; while it’s still recognizable as a Menomena album, it rocks much harder than anything they've done before.