Tash Sultana @ The Anthem - 11/21/2018

Two years ago Tash Sultana played a sold out show at Rock & Roll Hotel. Now, the Melbourne native is playing the much larger Anthem but still providing fans with an intimate musical experience. The set kicked off to a recording of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” while the crowd sang along in the dark until Sultana took center stage surrounded by instruments, incense, lava lamps and neon lights. Behind was a screen that looped visuals and graphics throughout parts of the set, but what really had the crowd’s attention was the young artist’s ability to play at least five instruments simultaneously using looping effects and vocalizers.

Tash Sultana at The Anthem (Photo by Krystina Brown /  @krystinagabrielle )

Tash Sultana at The Anthem (Photo by Krystina Brown / @krystinagabrielle)

Watching Tash switch between guitars, drum kits, synth keyboards and a trumpet was mesmerizing. Playing fan favorites from the “Notion” EP and debut album “Flow State”, Tash’s musical development and growth was obvious. Speaking to the crowd throughout the show, Tash made it clear that homophobes were not welcome at these shows and that despite being a one-person band, the help of the crew and team were what made everything possible. “Although we annoy the living shit out of each other, we love each other”. Right before playing a siiiiiiiickmandolin solo, Tash encouraged fellow musicians to keep playing music, “you never know where it will take you”. It was a beautiful show and with Tash’s performances in high demand, it will be exciting to see what’s next for this artist.

Australian rockers, Ocean Alley opened up show. Their latest record, “Chiaroscuro” is out now.

Photos by Krystina Brown

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