The Both - "Milwaukee"

The Both Track: "Milwaukee" Album: The Both   Official Site  

The Both
Track: "Milwaukee"
Album: The Both

Official Site 

Sounds Like: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo, which makes total sense because it’s Aimee Mann and Ted Leo.

Why You Should Care: Symbiosis! The end result is more than the sum of their parts, which is saying something.  Also, great song.

Ted Leo is a better singer and songwriter than people give him credit for, and that’s only when they actually realize he exists. He might be popular in East Coast markets, but he's not exactly a household name. Ted’s work with the Pharmacists doesn’t exactly drip with nuance, so you don’t normally get a sampling of the full range of his vocal abilities. Aimee Mann is also better than people give her credit for. After the late 80’s success of Til Tuesday, Mann has been quietly putting out one great album after another. Critical success, minimal sales.

Put em both together and what you get is a collaboration that forces each to come out of their individual comfort zones. Not only does that collaboration work  but it brings out the best in both of them, and there’s no better example than their latest track, “Milwaukee”

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