The Internet @ Fillmore Silver Spring - 12/4/2018

The Internet (the band, not the technology) has been building hype since its creation as an offshoot of influential rap group Odd Future in 2011. You don’t need to look any further than the fact that they’re playing two nights at The Fillmore in Silver Spring to understand that the hype is still real. Band members Syd, Steve Lacy, Patrick Paige II, Matt Martians, and Christopher Smith gave fans a funky soul/hip hop performance on Dec.4 off of their Hive Mind Tour and had the crowd going all night.

The Internet’s Syd at the Fillmore Silver Spring (Photo by Sami Pye /  @samistagrams )

The Internet’s Syd at the Fillmore Silver Spring (Photo by Sami Pye / @samistagrams)

The show’s music was fresh and exciting, but the addition of  projected visuals behind the band synced to the music and a living room set up on stage made the show a multi-sensory experience. The stage also contained a set, with a couch, lamps and succulents to look like your average living room. Though the venue is large in size and jam-packed, the group made sure the show at the FIllmore SIlver Spring was still an intimate experience. They interacted with fans and recognized familiar ones barricaded.

By only the second song, the crowd was practically singing for them. Syd sang Come Together as the crowd swayed and chimed in. They closed with Special Affair, an earlier song of theirs, and one of their most well-known.

Hive Mind is out now through Columbia Records.

Moonchild has been the touring opening act for the Hives Mind tour. They played thirty minutes off of their latest record, Voyager. What really started the night was when the neo-soul/jazz trio brought out various brass instruments. Amber Navran played the saxophone, Andris Mattson, the keys player wiped out a trumpet and Max Bryk, another keys player brought out a saxophone as well for the bridge of their song, Back to Me.

Photos by Sami Pye

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