The List for August 19, 2016: Here Comes the Flood

As you may or may not know, it's been a really hard week for the greater South Louisiana family. Yet another historic storm with record-shattering rainfall -- this time in and around my stomping grounds of Baton Rouge, LA -- ravaged and nearly drowned our fair capital city in floodwaters this week. There's not a single family unaffected in some way. Most are safe, but the scope of damage and displacement is historic and near-unfathomable. Louisiana still needs all the help they can get. (Please consider chipping in even a few tax-deductible bucks toward a great organization and a cause very near to my heart.) 

Meantime, South Louisiana will do what South Louisiana always does: It'll roll up its sleeves and get busy. It’ll clean, cook, eat, drink, laugh, cry, sing, dance, rest, revel, and most importantly, rebuild. It'll invite family, friends, neighbors, and strangers to join in, to find its footing and its familiar song of hope. To that beat, and alongside healthy doses of hard work and humor, it'll forge new homes, schools, friendships, and bonds, all with that unique mirepoix of soul-sticking, unforgettably merry melancholy that can only be described as Louisiana. 

This week's playlist reflects what's on my mind and in my heart and provided me some small comfort in all this. Each song in some way speaks to that murky, magical place we're so proud to call home. We hope you enjoy and that you always remember Louisiana. One love. - Roddy Rasti / @antibrevity

photo by Scott Pellegrin

Things to do with yourself/others

Friday 8/19

  • The Beanstalk Library (EP release), the Fire Tonight, and the NRIs @ Rock & Roll Hotel 
  • Bueno (album release show), Nag Champa, and Julian @ Haushouse [1349 Monroe St NE, WDC] 
  • The Julie Ruin , Olivia Neutron-John, and Sneaks @ Black Cat
  • Toad the Wet Sprocket, Rusted Root, and Daisie Ghost Flower @ 9:30 Club

Saturday 8/20

  • Black Masala, M.H. & His Orchestra, and The Shadow Girl Sound Collective @ Black Cat

Sunday 8/21

Monday 8/22

Tuesday 8/23

Wednesday 8/24

Thursday 8/25

  • Band of Us @ DC9 
  • Wing Dam, Go Cozy, and Hand Grenade Job @ Black Cat  

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