THE LIST for July 15th, 2016: A Peek Behind The Curtain

This week we published our 200th episode of Chunky Glasses: The Podcast. It was a long road full of...well...mostly beer, but the point is we got here by staying true to our "vision", just doing what it is we do, and believing in the power of weird.

In the spirit of that weirdness, this week's playlist is a look inside what has driven the podcast over the years, either directly - you may recognize some of these songs from our outro - or indirectly. In other words here's a glimpse into my head, a view that our crew knows well, that offers the clearest look at how and why we do what we do.  - Kevin

Things to do with yourself/others

It's gonna be a hot one. At least you can feel cool on the inside by hitting up some of these shows.*

Friday 7/15

Saturday 7/16

  • Marcus Johnson @ Blues Alley
    Sometimes it's not all about the Rock N' Roll. Especially when you've got a DC jazz master playing in a legendary DC Jazz club.

Sunday 7/17

Monday 7/18

Tuesday 7/19

  • Azealia Banks @ Black Cat
    You know the name. You know the music. See her up close and personal at one of the best clubs on the planet. 

Wednesday 7/20

Thursday 7/21

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