THE LIST for July 29, 2016: Walk On

After two long weeks, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions have come and gone.  The speeches are done, the balloons are deflated, and the pundits are finally, mercifully silent. As we scan the aftermath of these twin carnivals of political excess, one truth becomes abundantly clear...none of these career politicians (except Uncle Joe) know how to pick an entrance song.

This week's List is humbly submitted as a non-partisan alternative to the middle of the road pop selections that typically pass for entrance music for our foremost politicians. Yes, some of these selections may be a bit "on the nose" and many would send members of the punditocracy directly to their respective fainting couches...but great leaders make bold choices and what better way to set the tone for your campaign than with a masterful walk up song. - Paul/Eduardo/Kevin/Patrick

Things to do with yourself/others

Friday 7/29

Saturday 7/30

  • Drop Electric, Tone, the Sea Life, and Janel & Anthony @ 9:30 Club
  • The Effects, 3rd Grade Friends, Light Beams, and SnowPony @ Milhouse
  • Rich Robinson @ the Hamilton 

Sunday 7/31

Take a load off dudes/dudettes

Monday 8/1

  • Sun Machines, Split Seconds, and Chimp Suit @ Fort Reno 

Tuesday 8/2

Wednesday 8/3

Thursday 8/4

  • Olivia & the Mates, Don Zientara, and Washington Bach Consort @ Fort Reno 
  • Yip Deceiver and See Through Dresses @ DC9 

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