THE LIST 6/24/16: RIP Dr. Ralph Stanley

Welcome to our new weekly column that is exactly what is says it is. A list. Specifically this week a Spotify playlist that might feature songs that have been rocking our earholes, oldies but goodies that needed a good revist, or, in the case of today's list, a theme.

Things to put in your ears

Last night we got word that one of bluegrass's greatest pioneers, Dr. Ralph Stanley, passed away at the tender age of 89. Stanley achieved noteriety playing with his brother throughout the Appalachians during the 50's and 60's, but it was the 2000 Cohen Brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou, featuring a solo rendition of "Oh Death" by Stanley that launched him, and bluegrass, back into the public eye where it remains to this day. 

This week's list comes to you courtesy of Eduardo who, besides being our regular MVP on the podcast, is QUITE knowledgeable about bluegrass and folk, in fact back in the day a young Eduardo interned with Smithsonian/Folkways right here in Washington, DC.

So here we are, beginning The List with an exit. If you're not familiar with Dr. Ralph Stanley's work then hopefully this will open up a whole new world to you. And if you are...spending just a little more time with his music will hopefully bring a smile to your face.