If you’ve been paying attention at all you’d notice that we’ve been offering a good bit of wordspace to Winston Salem’s The Sweets this year, and for good reason. Their pitch wasn’t one of hyperbolic PR speak talking about cosmic vibes, the height of their powers or how high they had charted on some obscure chart. No, their message was simple. And it was simply this:

“Although we have little means of recording, we are trying to release more music than any other artist this year.”

A bold claim that the duo is now following through on, releasing their SIXTH EP of the year, Some Pulp, this past Sunday. That in and of itself is a fairly amazing feat in a time when even lo-fi releases can have years between them; but it’s also testament to not only The Sweets drive, but creativity. More amazing ,though, is how the band seems to be shape-shifting as they grow.

Some Pulp kicks off with the track “Chicks” which could just as well be some lost Tame Impala demo, then shifts into the Replacements-on-acid mode “Don’t Feel Right.“ But it’s near the end of the EP’s 19:38 minute runtime that the real reward comes in the plainly beautiful track “Canyon.”

One thing that has been clear from the beginning is that The Sweets are searching – in a very public forum mind you - for their “sound,” their “vibe.” What’s equally clear is that if they keep putting out material like “Canyon” - a track that threatens to out “Violates” Kurt Vile - that what we may end up with at the end of the year is a remarkable album from a bunch of dudes who wanted nothing more than to spend 2013 rocking out often and in as many ways as they could. Whatever the outcome, so far it’s proving to be a heck of a ride. 

Check out The Sweets latest release Some Pulp below and the rest of their catalog FOR FREE over at their Bandcamp page. (warning: Awesomely NSFW album covers abide. What? ROCK N ROLL!!)