The Trillions - "What When Where"

Sounds Like:

An outtake from Big Star's Third, sent from the future; Feels. Deep, deep, feels; Proto-Avers. 

Why You Should Care

If you're thinking to yourself "Wait a minute! This's not NEW! This song came out in 2012!" then you would be absolutely correct. But good music never goes out of style, especially when you're talking about the pop sensibilities of Richmond, Virginia's the Trillions. (Their new record, Superposition, will be out January 31, and we’ll probably write about that one, too.)

Self-described as purveyors of “shred pop”, the four piece band made up of drummer Joe Ferguson, guitarist Chris Smith, bassist Robbie King and lead singer/guitarist Charlie Glenn (who also happens to sit in with rising “super-group” and site fave Avers) has a unique knack for taking familiar rock tropes and turning them into something not just unique, but refreshingly exciting. Pop, punk, stadium-worthy bombast; it’s all there, but nowhere is it more evident than when the band strips their tunes down to the core like they do on “What When Where,” the penultimate track on their excellent release Tritones.

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The Trillions
Track: "What When Where"
Album: Tritones

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