Thee Tsunamis - "Down at the Swamp"

Thee Tsunamis Track: "Down at the Swamp" Album:  Delirium and Dark Waters  (EP)   Official Site  |  Facebook 

Thee Tsunamis
Track: "Down at the Swamp"
Album: Delirium and Dark Waters (EP)

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Sounds Like: An Early, Female Ty Segall, The White Stripes

Why You Should Care: This all-female band proves that you don’t have to be from California, or a dude, to make great lo-fi pop. 

Combining B-horror tropes with garage jams doesn't seem totally unnatural, and on Delirium & Dark Waters, Thee Tsunamis brings the pair together with only a little kitsch and a whole lot of frightening-yet-catchy hooks. It’s not hard picturing The Addams Family listening to this release at the beach, especially “Down at the Swamp” the crowning highlight of the EP. The track showcases the band’s gritty guitar licks and lyrics that aren't quite as simplistic as their eerie exterior would have them appear. 

Thee Tsunamis hails from Bloomington, Indiana, where they've been working with Magnetic South Recordings to break down geographical barriers and prove the merits of what the band calls, “no-coast rock-n-roll”. One can hope there’s more to look forward to from these guys, whether it’s on the spooky side or not.