Thing You Should Be Doing: M83 @ The Black Cat TONIGHT!!!

The Good News:
French musician Anthony Gonzalez aka M83 is beginning is beginning his world tour right here in DC tonight at The Black Cat!

The Bad News:
That s@#@ sold out MONTHS ago, yo!

Got your ticket? We certainly hope so. Seeing Gonzalez's "very very very epic" new album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (read our review here) brought to life on the stage should be, well, epic. So epic in fact that they had to add another show giving you not one but TWO chances to get your electro-dreampop freakout on.

Or maybe he just needs all that time to get through all of the songs on this gigantic album.

Either way, we've been looking forward to this show for a long time, and now the day is finally here. For those of you not in the door, NEVER FEAR because we have it on good authority that they'll be back this Spring, so be at the ready. And if you really can't wait that long, your old friend Craigslist is always there, waiting to give you what you need.

So get excited people! We'll see you at the early show (#weareold) and be telling you all about it sometime this weekend. Here's to what is sure to be a very, very, very epic Friday night!