Tiny Reviews: New Releases 4/20/18

First impressions are often the best, so each week we bring you a brief rundown of what is, and isn't, worth a spin after spending oh-so-little time with the latest in music.

Delivered with a heavy dose of snark and lousy with bad music criticism cliches, here come this week's picks:

Port Saint Joe  Brothers Osborne

Port Saint Joe
Brothers Osborne

The best quasi-bro country album made by real-life bro's that you never knew you needed. John (Osborne) breaks hearts while TJ (also Osborne) slayyyys on guitar, and the intoxicating results are a fun-hangover waiting to happen.

HIGHLIGHTS: "A Little Bit Trouble"; "Weed, Whiskey and Willie"; Guitars....ALL of them.

Mr. Jukebox    Joshua Hedley

Mr. Jukebox
Joshua Hedley

Despite all the odds (it’s revisionist, a little hokey, AND on Third Man Records) Hedly proves that he has the goddamn GOODS and delivers em up here in an unironic slice of days gone by.

The Sciences  Sleep   

The Sciences


Much volume. Such darkness. After 20 years, this Sleep(er) has awoken.

HIGHLIGHTS: Mostly everything but can't be sure until the universe stops {{{vibrating}}}

Sparrow   Ashley Monroe

Ashley Monroe

Heartache and strings always go GREAT together but WTF is going on in Nashville these days? What IS country music mannnnn. +1 for continued Dave Cobb production dominance. 

God Damn Evil  Stryper

God Damn Evil

This is exactly what you think it would be like: SHREDDING FOR JESUS! I know Stryper means well, but Satan is laughing his ASS off at these guys by this point. 
Game. Set. Match: EVIL

HIGHLIGHTS: Nothing to see here

44/876  Sting and Shaggy

Sting and Shaggy

Oh helllllll naw. Fuck this. ALL of this.

HIGHLIGHTS: The realization while reaching for the stop button that you still possess the speed of a cheetah that defined much of your youth.



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