TO DO LIST: Calexico w/The Dodos TONIGHT @ The 9:30 Club

Are your brain, ears, and eyes still recovering from the 9:30 Club’s Matt & Kim double freak-out on Tuesday and Wednesday? Or does tension from your shitty job and the odd guy sitting too close to you on the Metro have you on edge and feeling like you need a vacation south of the border? Then slide on down to the 9:30 Club tonight for the lush desert sounds of Tuscon’s Calexico and give your body a much needed mini-break. Formed almost 20 years ago from a collection of ridiculously talented musicians, Calexico combines textured melodies with Latin instrumentation and flair, and what results is a smooth, smoky sort of cool floating on top of raw tension building underneath. The band plays a mixture of alt-country and Tejano-twinged folk, with a raucous horn section, accordions, occasional bells, and a bunch of other stuff you probably haven’t seen on stage before. D.C. is privy to only the second night of their latest tour, so don’t miss out.

Calexico’s new album Algiers is multi-layered, multi-instrumented, and multi-awesome, and tickets for tonight are still available HERE.

It’s going to be a swaying, grooving, let’s-go-sit-in-the-desert-and-look-at-stars kind of night.