TO DO LIST: Cold Specks @ Jammin' Java THIS SATURDAY!!!

Whether you like it or not, sunshine and summer fun are long gone, and it's time to buckle down for the winter - and that means some seriously heavy, seriously intense music, possibly with a bourbon back.  If this week’s election didn’t satisfy your itch for powerful female performances, then join us tomorrow night at Jammin’ Java for Cold Specks, a tremendous new vocal talent in one of the area’s most intimate venues.

Cold Specks is 23-year-old Al Spx on vocals, surrounded by a revolving cast of musicians and instruments, and she’s touring to support this year’s debut effort I Predict a Graceful Expulsion.  If you missed the album when it came out in early summer, you can read our review here, but don’t take our word for it - the album was recently short-listed for Canada’s Polaris Prize (and in case you’ve been living on the Moon, Canada’s been exporting a lot of pretty decent artists these days).

So if your hipster arms are still sore from all the Rocktober fist-pumping and your ears are raw from all the stormy summer noise, bring your weary body parts on out to the suburbs for a late show that promises to deliver a packing wallop of soul-melting vocals and some pretty amazing musical back-up to boot.  Tickets are available HERE.