TO DO LIST: Heather Maloney @ Jammin' Java TONIGHT!

It’s been a busy year for Heather Maloney. Her third album, Heather Maloney, came out earlier this year on Signature Sounds Records and received a great deal of acclaim (especially from this website). Earlier this summer she embarked on a tour that will take her across most of the country, lasting through the end of the year. Lucky for us, she’ll make a stop at Jammin’ Java on September 12, her first stop in the DC area since playing in drummer Ben Tufts’ 16th Street basement concert space.

It’s easy to describe Maloney as a folk singer, but it’s also lazy. It also does a disservice to say that she adds elements of rock, blues, and jazz into her music, as it makes it sound like an artist trying to do too much. She is, rather, a songwriter who can take simple, beautiful acoustic melodies and turn them into something immense and profound.

Even better, Maloney is incredibly fun and engaging live performer, amping up the playful music of her albums and taking her already pristine vocals to another level. In addition, she does a darn fine job of making sure her band joins in on her mini-dances, scat singing, and other antics. As the venues she plays get bigger, so do her performances.

Opening the show will be folk duo Naked Blue and Americana musician Dean Fields.