TO DO LIST: Metric @ The Strathmore Friday 9/21

The Strathmore might seem like an odd place for Metric to put on a show; there’s a viola concert at the venue the same night, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra play the following night. Even David Bryne and St. Vincent, who appear on September 30, seem to be a more logical choice for a suburban sit-down theater.

It’s not as if you can’t dance at the Strathmore, however, and that’s likely what you’ll be doing when the Canadian synth rockers pull into Bethesda on Friday. Metric center their music around frontwoman Emily Haines, and while it’s one thing to hear her voice so prominently on records such as their latest, Synthetica, it’s quite another to see the way she commands a stage during a live performance. Her nonstop twirling and dancing combined with her pitch-perfect vocals and instrumentation (she plays guitars and keyboards) make her and her compatriots a stellar live act.

Though they’re often pigeonholed as an electronica or dance band, Metric covers a wide swath of genres, sometimes in the same song. Synthetica is a darker record than its predecessors (more akin to Haines’ solo efforts) but no less dancy. You can expect to hear most of it played during their show in addition to older classics such as “Help I’m Alive” and “Gimme Sympathy.” You can also expect to hear many a lady (and likely several men) profess their love to Haines between songs. She does that to people.

This show is SOLD OUT, but there's always the internet people!