TO Do List: Rodriguez at 6th & I TONIGHT!

In a story whose weirdness rivals that of site favorite Jim Sullivan, Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, or simply Rodriguez to his fans. Despite widespread critical acclaim, Cold Fact, Rodriguez’s 1970 release didn’t manage to achieve much commercial success and the soulful Michigan songwriter quickly faded off into obscurity.  And then things got weird.

As chronicled in the film Searching For Sugarman, in select theaters now,  Rodriguez’s music lived on despite the numerous and sometimes grisly reports of his demise. Cold Fact became a rallying cry in the youth of South Africa’s fight against apartheid, and twenty years after the fact Rodriguez found that he had achieved international fame. More importantly his songs had achieved the social relevance that he had always hoped for.

Touring in support of the soundtrack to Sugarman, Rodriguez lands in DC tonight at the historic synagogue at 6th and I. The event is sold out, but if you can manage to hunt a ticket down, it might be in your best interest. We caught a glimpse of Rodriguez’s set back in July at the Newport Folk Festival, and all we have to say about that is “whoa.” Check out the trailer for Searching For Sugarman below, and we’ll see you (hopefully) at the show tonight!

The soundtrack for Searching For Sugarman, as well as Rodriguez's other albums, are available to buy everywhere, or stream via Rdio or Spotify right NOW. Shotimes of the film can be found via the link below.