TO DO LIST: STTPfest 2012 - Friday 10/5 - Sunday 10/7

Hey guys...just wanted to let you in on something (like you didn't know.) There's this thing going on this's freakin' HUGE. No I'm not talking about VirginFree Fest - though that is pretty killer. I'm talking about a city wide, veritable EXPLOSION of music that is this years Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie - STPP for short - music festival.

Now in its third iteration, the brainchild of zomghowdoesheevengetanysleep musician/promoter Dave Mann is taking over more venues, with even more bands decending on our fair city, all with one thing in mind: To rock your f@#@in' face off. How can you get in on the action you ask? Simple. SHOW UP. 

All day long at venues across the city, bands will be doing their thing and the only thing they ask in return is that you come rock with them. Sure a few of the venues will be charging a cover, and it's HIGHLY recommended that if you see a band you like you find a way to give them your hard earned cash, but in the end, they love music, you love music and everyone wins this weekend.

Check out the press release below for more details. We'll be out all weekend long live tweeting and uploading photos to our stream, so stay tuned for links to that and head off into this incredible weekend of music knowing this: For those about to rock, WE SALUTE YOU!

See you in the trenches kids!

Here's your press release.

Sweet Tea/Pumpkin Pie Music Festival - October 5-7, 2012

Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie music festival (STPPFest) is DC's BIGGEST music festival (ala SXSW/CMJ) and is right around the corner - October 5-7, 2012.  Even though we only have one band that hails from outside of the states (The Foreign Resort from Denmark), we are happy to say that we are now hosting bands that are from around the globe.  We are hosting many bands from NYC, Pittsburgh, Philly, Baltimore, Richmond, Charlottesville, Durham/Raleigh/Chapel HIll, and of course in our wonderful District of Columbia.  There are also bands travelling from Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado and a couple of other states to be part of this festival.

Even though, STPPFest happened twice last year with 125+ bands included in each festival, it was obvious that planning two festivals of that size (in the same year) was a little too ambitious. With that said, STPPFest organizer, Dave Mann, decided that out of the two festivals, the one that was held in the fall made more sense due to how comfortable the weather was plus the fact that Columbus Day follows the fest so assuming that the attendees (and band members) had the next day off on Columbus Day then people could treat that Sunday like a Saturday without having to call it a night at 10pm.

This year STPPFest plans on hosting 200+ bands (singer/songwriters included) at 12+ various venues throughout DC. Among the many venues that will be hosting FREE music throughout the weekend, Comet Ping Pong, The Velvet Lounge and Casa Fiesta are the only venues that will have a door charge for their showcases.  We didn't want to pass up the opportunity to work with them so we agreed that they could include a cover charge so that they could do business as usual. 

The other venues that are involved this year are in the following neighborhoods and the line-ups can be found by clicking on the link below:

Adam's Morgan

Mellow Mushroom
Columbia Station
Heaven (formerly known as 'Heaven and Hell')

U Street Corridor

Velvet Lounge
The Codmother


New York Ave. Beach Bar
Old Dominion Brewery
Mood Lounge

+ More (TBA)!

The majority of the music genres fall under the umbrella of rock and roll but what makes STPPFest different from other festivals is that we feature lots of "under the radar" and upcoming bands who might have huge followings elsewhere but have not been able to tap into the DC scene. Also, please note that in the span of a few months, the following STPPFest bands have played and are about to play the Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center:  Young Rapids (DC), Conveyor (NYC), Yeveto (Baltimore) and Graph Rabbit (NYC).

We help make space available for the out-of-town bands because more than anything, we want to expose them (and their amazing music) to a new audience that will make it easier for them to return to DC.

We are really excited to have local bands on board to support this festival also. We do not rely on them to bring out the crowd as we believe that this festival showcases an immense amount of talent. Local bands are 100% vital to keeping this festival "local" and we want that same exposure for them as well. There is nothing like a local band not having to always depend on their friends to show them support and furthermore, when local bands are able to attract new fans, that only helps out with the awareness of the local music scene which is really vibrant here in DC.

Lastly, STPPFest has teamed up with Eventstir ( this year. Eventstir's platform is crowdfunding - if you are familiar with Kickstarter then know that Eventstir is similar but focuses more on events and getting people out to the events, etc. We are really excited to have them on board and all of the many tech companies that they have recruited to "own" the various venues throughout this fantastic Columbus Day weekend festival!  Prior to kicking off the festival on Friday, Oct. 5th, we are offering 3 different levels for attendees to purchase wristbands that will allow them to bypass any lines that might be wrapped around the venues and each level comes with STPPFest swag.  What's really great is that the official STPPFest tee shirt will be sold for $10 between now and the fest via and during/after the fest the tee shirt will be sold for $20, so it makes sense to buy the tee shirt now, right?

And don't forget to check out Hometown Sounds killer Spotify playlist of some of the bands that are here to rock you the most.