TONIGHT!: Nick Waterhouse w/ DJ Nitekrawler @ 6th & I Synagogue

Do you like to do some dancing?  How about some laughing?  How about doing some dancing with your laughing, all in the basement of a community events space that sells alcohol sippy cups so’s you don’t spill your smart cocktail (or beer) all over your dress while you’re doing your dancing and laughing?

Nick Waterhouse roars on into town tonight to support his new album Time’s All Gone, and if you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be a naughty teenager in the 1950s, sneaking grain alcohol and listening to the music of the devil, then grab your mama’s prom dress - Hell, grab your grandma’s prom dress - and get your money maker to the 6th & I Synagogue tonight for an evening of blow-the-roof-off R&B.  This guy has sold out venues across the country - even the persnickety writers at the A.V. Club love him - so forget that it’s before Memorial Day, strap on your white saddle bucks and get your ass to Sixth and I TONIGHT. TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE

Still not convinced?  Check this out: