TONIGHT!: Simone Felice @ The Hamliton

If the name Simone Felice sounds familiar, it should. As one of the founding members of (and sibling to) The Felice Brothers, his drumming helped bring songs like "Frankie's Gun" and "Whiskey In My Whiskey" to gritty life.

In 2009 following a personal tragedy, he left the band and retreated to the Catskill's to write songs, something that had always brought him comfort. Those songs would eventually make up the bulk of The Duke & The King's new album. Then in 2010 tragedy struck again, and Simone was forced to undergo emergency open heart surgery or face death. It would seem that bad luck simply followed Simone around (he also almost died at the age of 12 due to a brain aneurism), but the following month, his daughter Pearl was born, and tradgedy became inspiration. Turning once again to the comfort that writing provided him, that inspiration coupled with Simone's own recent brush with mortality was poured out into song, and eventually released as his first solo work in 2011. 

And now, Simone will bring the fruits of those labors to bear right here Washington DC as he and his band take the stage at The Hamilton tonight. The show starts at 7:30 and tickets are still available here. So come out and spend the evening with a man who knows what it is to live, die, and everything in-between. You'll be glad you did.