TRACKING: América Sierra - "Porque El Amor Manda" (ft. 3BallMTY)

SOUNDS LIKE: Mexican cumbia meets Miami-styled EDM

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: If you take a look around, revolutionary progressions are happening literally every second. A milestone in this is the fact that Latinos will soon be America's #1 minority group. Musically, this can be expected to significantly alter the pop landscape. Thus learning who Mexico's #1 pop stars are (and why they're great) is important.

When Justin Bieber played in Mexico City last year for 200,000 screaming fans in a public plaza, the concert's opening act were three DJs from Monterrey, Mexico, 3BallMTY. DJ Erick Rincon, DJ Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto were instrumental in creating "tribal (pronounced TREE-VAL) guarachero" music, a blend of native Spanish styles mixed with the bleeps and bass of globally-dominant EDM.

América Sierra is a Latina vocalist represented by Universal subsidiary label Latin Power Music, the same group that represents 3BallMTY. "Intentalo" - the first collaboration between Sierra and the three DJs - was a global smash, and if a fan of zumba classes at your local gym, you know the track and its ear-worming, hook-driven style quite well.

Now, when called upon to create a theme song for now US dominant channel Univision's latest telenovela "Porque El Amor Manda," Sierra's charming presence and melodious vocals meld with arguably global dance pop's next intriguing sound du jour for another hit single.