TRACKING: Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc - "Wake Me Up"

SOUNDS LIKE:Jug band electro

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Swedish wunderkind Avicii's return to America's pop music shores after wowing top-40 with the bombastic (yet soulful) "Levels" sounds like a far more palatable version of the Lumineers storming into a conclave of fist-pumping brosephs at peak hour.

The same man who sampled Etta James for "Levels" should be the person to take the banjos and time-worn antebellum-era vocals away from irony-obsessed artisanal people. Stones Throw Records affiliate Aloe Blacc has been a winner ever since 2011's masterful soul album Good Things, a Bill Withers clone in an anachronous era. This one plays better as re-energized Negro spiritual or anthem for the damned, but instead is going to be a theme for hedonistic festival-goers worldwide this summer. The hook of "all this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost" plays well to that "Middle American State University" college grad headed to say, Brooklyn for the "big job," who's probably going to want to head to Electric Zoo to turn on, tune in and drop out for three days - the pressure, doubt and confusion of "real life" being way too much to handle. Somewhere, there's a music marketing genius that found the long tail solution to the absurdity of "mainstream rock" in the past two years in a kick and a melody. Thankfully, that person realized that dance ultimately is the universal language that understands everything.