Axxa/Abraxas - “I Almost Fell”

Axxa/Abraxas Track: "I Almost Fell" Album:  AxxaAbraxas    Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Track: "I Almost Fell"
Album: AxxaAbraxas

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MINKS, synth-pop meets surf

Ben Asbury is adding new perspective to the resurface of synth-pop with his special blend of psychedelic perspective.

Surf rock has come a long way since its incarnation in the 50’s/60’s, with the genre being molded into different forms, some only hinting at its surf rock influence. Ben Asbury, under his moniker of Axxa/Abraxas leans more to a new mold of surf than actually reviving it. Unlike his C86-influenced label mates, Asbury seems to reach back further in time then just the dreamlike-state of the 80’s. With “I Almost Fell”, Ashbury intends to channel the psychedelic tones of the 60’s while keeping the jangling guitars his label mates are so fond of.

Complimenting the snaking guitar are the warm tones of organs not unlike ones used by The Animals or even The Doors. Hailing from Georgia (the home base of Elephant Six bands like Olivia Tremor Control and Apples In Stereo) seems to help Asbury hone his love for the harmonic blend of both psych and pop and channel it into his upcoming debut.

Axxa/Abraxas’s self-titled debut is due out in March