TRACKING: Beach Fossils - "Generational Synthetic"

SOUNDS LIKE: A punkier take on a standard '60s surf rock tune.
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This forthcoming sophomore album will likely end up on lots of "Best of 2013" lists (despite what Pitchfork says).

Don't be fooled by the light, carefree vibe "Generational Synthetic," the second single from Beach Fossils' upcoming Clash the Truth, first gives off. Lyrically, frontman Dustin Payseur addresses an issue with which he and likeminded musicians must deal - remaining authentic in an industry driven by commercialism. Payseur, amidst the driving guitar, bass, and drum lines that lend themselves to that surf rock feel, decides that sticking to his artistic convictions rather than "trad[ing] a fortune for a song" is what will save his music from being "synthetic" and himself "apathetic."

Clash the Truth drops Tuesday, February 19 via Captured Tracks and the band will be playing DC9 Friday, March 1. Stay tuned for a full review of the album in our next podcast!