TRACKING: Benoit & Sergio - "New Ships"

SOUNDS LIKE: Daft Punk, LCD Soundystem, Tanlines, Duran Duran
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This very Euro-sounding dance jam is very, very catchy and very misleading

That Chic bassline has been missing since Nile Rodgers made it so in the 1970s.  Those reverberated, somewhat robotic vocals, purr like The Dandy Warhols' Courtney Taylor-Taylor.  This pulsating, repetitive beat is beyond catchy, it is easily the most addictive beat I've heard all autumn.  It builds and builds, giving way to a very Daft Punk moment, cascading to a moment not far removed from "Around The World".

What you should know is that this DJ duo covered "Around The World" on a previous single.  You probably think with a name like Benoit & Sergio they're rather European themselves.  Spoiler alert: these guys are from none other than our own Chunkyhood, our beloved DC!  Who knew that a pair of sauve guys who sure love their Eurodisco could hail from our town in a time of Dub/Grime/Insert "stupid sub genre name here" Step.  Sure, lots of bands have come and gone before them, but there's something so pure about "New Ships".  It's probably just its simplicity and sincere tribute to their heroes, but enough about what I think.  Stream this song now, stream this song often.  It's a seasonal mixtape staple if you ask me.