TRACKING BEST OF 2012: #3 Porcelain Raft - "Unless You Speak From Your Heart"

SOUNDS LIKE: What George Michael would up to if he kept down the path of Listen Without Prejudice
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This is the best pop song to come from the indie world this year, and great enough to be my #3!

About a year ago, Indiana indie label Secretly Canadian had announced the signing of Porcelain Raft, a recording moniker for Italian musician Mauro Remiddi.  After creating a buzz with a handful of self-released EPs and singles from his Bandcamp page, he moved to the states and settled in New York, before hunkering down to record his debut full length Strange Weekend.  The end result was a record that was filled with immediate hooks doused in a splash of static and other little ticks and tweaks of ambience throughout. 

With a warbly and woozy pulse of electronics balancing with a synth bass groove, the infectiousness that is "Unless You Speak From Your Heart" is easily one of the most underrated pop songs this year has seen.  While millions were listening to stupid Top 40 shit like "Call Me Maybe" or whatever the hell that long titled Taylor Swift single is, Remiddi crafted three minutes of bliss.  The combination of his vocals mixed with its intriguing production, you would think George Michael came out immediately following 1990's Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, detatching himself even more from his Wham! days by making lo-fi dance hits.  Instead, we're blessed here by a man who knows a good pop song when he crafts it in his basement studio.