TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #10 Gary B & The Notions - "Lyndsy Fonseca"

SOUNDS LIKE: Superdrag spent the weekend in the garage with Elvis Costello
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: These Baltimore power-pop revivalists guitar crunching anthem is #10!

While Beach House continues to make their brand of sleepy languid tunes, and Dan Deacon dances in the crowd to his own seizure inducing beats, there's still a sect of bands that are coming out of Baltimore devoted to pure and unadulterated rock and roll. And in the last few years, no one has done it with as much sweat and swagger as Gary Barrett, known better to the hipsters of Charm City simply as Gary B, and his band of misfits The Notions.

Named after an actress who appears in Hot Tub Time Machine, and more notably the daughter of Ted Mosby who pops up every once in awhile on How I Met Your Mother, "Lyndsy Fonseca" starts with an insane roar of guitars that rival the pit at a NASCAR race, ending up at the showers without the fanfare of being soaked in beer.  Those opening 10 seconds are so intense and immediate, a mini-anthem in their own right, but then you wouldn't get to find out why the remaining three minutes and twenty seconds are equally worthy of this list.  The near jazz-like freakout Rick Bowman has behind the kit is quickly silenced by the increasing intensity brought on by the crash cymbals, leading the way to Barrett's Costello-like vocal snarl.  And right when you think the song is going to show you how the Notions explode, the band brings it in for a more restrained but equally rewarding finish.