TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #2 Mac DeMarco - "Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans"

SOUNDS LIKE: The best Canadian export knows exactly what he's doing
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The immediate and infectious riff, atop a groovy croon, makes this #2 in 2012

Almost a year before coming out with what is my pick for 2012's Album Of The Year, Canada's Mac DeMarco came down with a bout of tonsillitis.  Now, most of the time you would think this would sideline a musician from making a record, but boy did someone prove us wrong.  Instead of resting up on bowls of ice cream, DeMarco kept chain smoking his Viceroy's and started recording the first EP under his own name, Rock & Roll Night Club. The songs contained found the pitch of his voice turned down to accomodate for his illness, and also the songs were slowed down too.  But it didn't matter, whether at their normal speed or slowed down to the speed of molasses coming out of a jar, the kid knew what he was up to.   Earlier this year, DeMarco's signed with the burgeoning Brooklyn label Captured Tracks and released Night Club in March, and introduced American audiences to Mac with one of the best songs to come out of The Great White North in years.

"Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans" features everything that is great about each song DeMarco puts out.  His abundant sense of humor, tongue firmly planted in his cheek forever, matches wit with his rather impeccable guitar playing.  His guitar cost him a few hundred bucks, he's only owned so far in his life, and the hunk of junk makes a rather impressive sound.  He created his own genre, jizz jazz, a nod to his preference for jazz guitar style playing, ever apparent on "Blue Jeans".  The lyrics tell that of a simple tale, no metaphor to be decoded.  A man with a penchant for denim sees a woman who's rocking a pair of Lee's, and he takes her home.  While the rest of the lyrics would work great as a sales pitch for any brand of denim, the sliding scale of melody in the chorus becomes forever trapped in your head from the second you hear it. You think listening to it again and again will get it out of your memory, but instead it just leaves you wanting to hear the song over and over and over and ..... well, you get the idea.

Anybody who knows me knows that this guy and this song took of my life this year.  I just hope it's finally time you, dear reader, let Mac DeMarco take over your life, too.