TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #4 Suckers - "Turn On The Sunshine"

SOUNDS LIKE: One of the happiest, brightest, most joyful songs to come out of 2012
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Why the hell wouldn't you want to be put in a good mood? This song is so damn catchy, it's #4 yo!

Way back in 2010, Suckers had accomplished a feat that had never happened to me before.  Their debut album, Wild Smile, came and went that May without much notice from me.  Yeah, I heard "Black Sheep" but the record just didn't do anything for me, so it was labeled 'dead' by this writer on his 2010 list.  Then in October, I saw them open for Menomena, and they floored me.  I had to revisit Smile finding many reasons to smile myself, and the album wound up coming back from the dead and was #7 on my year end list.  So of course when the news came of their new album Candy Salad, I was as eager and ecstatic to hear it as Wild Smile eventually left me.

So what song in particular had me grinning in partciular? Its lead single, "Turn On The Sunshine" but of course! The song stays very true to title, with a bright and vibrant pop sensabiity that is so saccarine sweet it's almost nauseating, down to the crazy flute loops that pop up here and there.  Like the majority of Salad, this song finds Quinn Walker singing an unadulterated love song, talking about such simple things in the dumbest of rhymes ("I feel the most alive whenever I'm at your place / When I get close to your face / Everything else is erased").  And like that lyric says, this song does just that to the listener: it is impossible to hate this song, it truly is.  For a good while it was my favorite song of the year, but obviously three more came about and leaves it pegged here on the list, but it is a song that puts me in the best of moods, warrants a marathon of listens, and makes me wish Paul McCartney jammed with Genesis circa Invisible Touch cause this is just what it sounds like.