TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #6 Death Grips - "Hacker"

SOUNDS LIKE: One of the most angry and most original songs to come out this year
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The in-your-face intensity makes its case for the #6 spot

Not one act as been more questionable and controversial in their motives this year than Death Grips.  Featuring Hella's Zach Hill on drums, he teamed up with a man by the name of Stefan Burnett to take on the role of master of ceremonies who lead this project through an interesting 2012.  Their brand of hip-hop meets punk meets straight up noise caught the surpirisng attention of major label Epic, who signed them and released their album The Money Store back in April.  After failing to live up to the promise of releasing their second album of 2012, No Love Deep Web, the band gave the middle finger to the major label system and leaked it themselves, causing a rift that would lead them to be dropped in a matter of days.

But months before that happened came the in your face monstrosity known as "Hacker", The Money Store's closing track.  Built around a heavy Hill beat with this interesting touch of pop sensability, you would think James Murphy and his team at DFA might've been behind it's thunderous thump of a chorus.  Burnett's yelling things about Lady Gaga, Wikileaks, jpeg's, Apple stores, he even finds a way to use the title of an 80s Pink Floy album as a lyric.  It's not so much about what he's saying, but his hulking delivery, just as intense and as grand as the music.  "When you come out, you're shit is gone" he deadpans throughout the song, and if you apply it to their time in the major label system you can say their shit isn't gone.  All that lies ahead of them is a future full of possiblities, so long as songs like this still play a part of their catalog.