TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #8 Liars - "No. 1 Against The Rush"

SOUNDS LIKE: These Liars are onto a sound truer than they ever attempted in the past
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Trading in guitars for keyboards, the band pushes for electronic excellence at #8!

When the Brooklyn-via-Los Angeles trio Liars released the first taste of this year's WIXIW in the form of "No. 1 Against The Rush", fans were pleasantly surprised for it's change in direction.  Stripping away the guitars and straightforward elements of their last two albums, the band looked inward to the roster of the acclaimed label Mute that they're a part of, to make a true to form electronic album.  Restrained and refined, "Rush" is easily one of the best singles this band released yet, even if the title references a statistic of the San Francisco 49ers of last season.

The song starts with a building moment of percolation, before the simple yet solid beat comes in.  Little motifs of sound come in and out as Angus Andrew begins a monotoned and mumbled musing.  He's looking for a fresh start, a new beginning, kind of in a way the Liars do everytime they put out a new record.  He's looking to become clean again, wash away the spins as he simply states "I want you out."  Everything continues to come in and build atop those first moments of the song, still looped beneath the beat, coming to a subdued climax as the elements all melt away one by one, only to try and come back for a proper finish.