TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #9 Cloud Nothings - "No Sentiment"

SOUNDS LIKE: Dylan Baldi has gone from Tom DeLonge to Frank Black in one move
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Working with the legendary Steve Albini, this song earns the sentiment of #9!

It's been a big year for Dylan Baldi and his band Cloud Nothings.  They moved away from the sunnier and poppier vibes that came off of their early singles and last year's self-titled LP, and traded it in for a sound that was bigger and bolder, becoming more brooding with every note emoted from their songs.  These new songs came to life on the stage with his newly intact line up for his one-time solo project, before heading to Chicago to record at Electrical Audio, owned by the famous and infamous studio engineer Steve Albini.  The result was the intense and abrasive Attack On Memory, a collection of songs the Pixies would've recorded back in 1987 if they were full of angst and had some serious issues about love and other emo things like that.

Gone is Dylan Baldi's snarky whine, one that Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 still finds suitable and can't grow out of, and Baldi has traded it in for a pair of pipes not far from Frank Black's former register.  "No Sentiment" finds Baldi screaming every last syllable until he's out of breath, while guitars duel to merge sanity with insanity.  The rhythm section holds it all together while the chaotic destruction takes place on a set of strings that has you thinking this could all fall out at any second. Albini's trademark setup of the mics is ever apparent, the drums sounding big and as bad ass as he can get them to when he's not playing Scrabble.  "We don't care what we'll lose" Baldi sings before the feedback spins the band out of control, and it's true they don't care if their new sound would've lost them fans.  Luckily songs like this have gained them more fans, and years from now people we'll look back to this song when needing a nostalgic fix.