TRACKING: Black Marble - "Static"

SOUNDS LIKE: If New Order kept the dark sounds of Joy Division.
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Black Marble seems have released a solid first album, which is more than a lot of bands can say these days.

The combination of Synth, Bass, and Drums seems to work with the darker side of electro-pop and proves no different for Black Marble, a duo consisting of Chris Stewart and Ty Kube. In “Static”, Stewart’s vocals work well by complimenting the thick sounds of the bass with his matching baritone vocals while Kube provides nerve-y synth arrangements reminiscent of tracks off of New Order’s first LP: Movement. The duo cites early synth engineers like Thomas Leer and Robert Rental, as according to their label Hardly Art, as influences for their latest album, A Different Arrangement. The influence pays off and proves that the duo can pay homage to the two while creating their own world of synth-like tension.