TRACKING: Burn The Ballrom - "Mayday"

SOUNDS LIKE: Queen had a love child with My Chemical Romance, sprinkled with some Jimmy Eat World
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: With summer around the corner this is the perfect track to blast while cruising with the windows down

The influence that Queen has had on lead singer Alan Gant is apparent on Burn the Ballroom’s debut self-titled full length album. The tracks are riddled with grand guitar riffs and layered melodies.

The track “Mayday” is no different. It’s the perfect fusion of modern punk rock with the lofty sounds of classic mid 70s Queen.

The Northern Virginia based band was founded by Gant who was recently joined by bassist Jackson Harar, guitarist Sterling Pearson and drummer Jack Ivins.  The four just got back from a tour ending with a show at SXSW.

The entire album is FREE to listen to on the band’s Soundcloud page NOW, so why aren’t you listening??