TRACKING: Cashier No. 9 – “Oh Pity”

SOUNDS LIKE: Stone Roses, Pavement, The Byrds
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: If they ever get around to putting out new material, you can say “I like the older stuff”

Cashier No. 9 built a pretty decent following in the UK, largely on the strength of their wonderfully catchy 2011 album To the Death of Fun. A mixture of the revamped 60s sound of Manchester and the sound of their native Dublin (think Van Morrison mixed with Stiff Little Fingers), Cashier No. 9 combine a 60’s mentality and sound with great, energetic live shows. To the Death of Fun’s shimmering, happy sound is a product of the cloth it’s cut from; Jellyfish’s Jason Faulkner sits in on several songs, and Hugo Nicolson, best known for producing Primal Scream’s legendary album Screamadelica, mixed the record.

“Oh Pity” sums up the band’s sound well. A steady, unwavering bass line with multiple guitars, background vocals, and sneaky percussion (the glockenspiel will be the thing your ears keep going back to) the songs coasts along on the clouds. Without knowing anything about the band, there’s little chance you’d recognize them as Irish, but you’ll certainly see that they’re a ton of fun.