TRACKING: Caveman - "In The City"

SOUNDS LIKE: The 80's had a kid with a moody Radiohead and gave it up for adoption to The Cure and My Bloody Valentine who then lost it to The War On Drugs on a bet. 
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: From the get go Caveman has been one of the best bands around, and with this new single and album they are poised to conquer all. 

The first time we encountered Brooklyn's Caveman was opening for The War On Drugs at DC's now defunct Red Palace. Lead singer Matthew Iwanusa pounded a floor tom, while his fellow Cave-men Jimmy Carbonetti, Stefan Marolachakis, Sam Hopkins and Jeff Berrall wrapped the room in a wall of sound that seemed to come from just about everywhere in the universe at once. Jaws were dropped, and lifelong fans were instantly made...and this was all before their masterful 2011 debut Coco Beware even hit the shelves.  

Now Caveman is back with self titled sophomore effort and it's first single "In The City." From the sound of it, by trading in some of the darkness for bright synths and a slightly more retro sound, Caveman seems to have found their perfect balance, making the wait till Caveman's release on April 2nd that much harder.