TRACKING: Cayucas - "Cayucos"

SOUNDS LIKE: The Love Language, Gardens & Villa, Telekinesis
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The latest Secretly Canadian signing is going to be everyone's favorite band next year

Let's get the hard part out of the way.  Everyone say it with me: "ky-yook-us!"  Cayucos is a small little beach town out in California, tucked away in San Luis Obispo County.  If you switch out that "o" for another "a" you get the name of the latest band to join the ever expanding stable of Secretly Canadian artists.  Zach Lind had been recording music under the name Oregon Bike Trails, but then he realized something: his songs didn't sound like woody bike paths in the northwest, they were reaching for something deeper.  Several hundreds of miles down to the south to the sand, the sun, the attractive people, Lind found a new name for his project that is going to spread like wildfire in the next several months.

"Cayucos" is the lead single from Cayucas (don't be confused, just keep following along) and could possibly be the theme song for the town Lind loves.  His vocals, doused in reverb, often sound distant.  This is to make room for the oversaturated acoustic guitar being strummed by a campfire on the beach.  The melody, so ridiculously familiar and catchy, will get trapped in your mind for days, you'll find yourself singing it in the shower, the car ride to work, and probably the stall at the office. 

The video for "Cayucos" is equal parts postcard to a town no one's ever heard of meets Little Miss Sunshine meets any Wes Anderson movie you'd like to plug in here.  Their debut album, Like Wildfire, will be out sometime in 2013.  This will do for now, making us all want to take a trip to a place we may never leave if it's as infectious as this song.