TRACKING: Clinic - "Miss You"

SOUNDS LIKE: The Beta Band, Travis, Placebo
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Everyone's favorite masked men scrub in for another trip to the musical OR

For years, Liverpool’s Clinic have made music that that has flown a little under the radar. True to their name, they frequently perform wearing surgical masks, sometimes adding a nice fedora or porkpie hat – and sometimes they even don, you guessed it, OR scrubs!  No matter what they wear, they create music that you probably should have been paying attention to, and now they're about to release Free Reign, their seventh studio album.

Surgically put together with the help of electronic noisemaker Daniel Lopatin - better known to the music world under the moniker of Oneohthrix Point Never - they have crafted a wavering jazz odyssey, fueled by passages of sax that give off the feeling of a drunk night in the wrong part of town.  Or Twin Peaks. What doesn't feel like a night of damn good coffee and pie is first single "Miss You," an out of body experience that will take you to the limits of outerspace and back - and maybe to the dryest of deserts as well.  See where it takes you in this recently released clip for "Miss You", and check out the rest of Free Reign when it comes out November 12th on Domino.