TRACKING: Darkside - "Paper Trails"

SOUNDS LIKE: If Clapton-esque blues were mixed with electronica

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Nicolas Jaar is reinventing himself from techno producer to slow-burning blues aficionado.

Best known for his off-kilter contributions to the electronica industry, Nicolas Jaar is gaining a reputation for relentlessly searching for new ways to create music. With that said, no one should be surprised that Jaar is jumping over to another genre: blues. Teaming up with fellow DJ/Producer/multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington, Jaar is set to release an album under the moniker of Darkside.

“Paper Trails”, the second offering from the duo’s debut album, Psychic, sees the two almost completely ditching their familiar territory of keyboards in favor of feedback-soaked guitars (think of the reverb that the XX obsesses over). Unlike the XX, Darkside leans more towards riffs found commonly found on any of Clapton’s blues albums like No Reason To Cry or Backless. Jaar’s voice comes in via a low moan, talking with his love for the last time before they separate. Ending on the line “Baby take care”, Jaar seems to put the longing, morose tone of “Paper Trails” into words. Darkside is new territory for noth Jaar and Harrington but with “Paper Trails”, the two make it seem like they have made albums as Darkside for years.

Psychic is out on October 8th